BIY Birthday cake

Having lived through a quarter of a century of store-bought cakes, I decided to be different this year and baked my own birthday cake. Both the process and the result inspired me to continue this trend of being my own baker on my birthday. 🙂 Hence the acronym BIY- Bake It Yourself. (not BUY :p)

I was really craving for lemon cheesecake – my version and this birthday weekend was such a blessing for a baker’s soul! (no extra classes, no school activities)

Baked the first cake of the year for myself yay! hehehe


Best gift for a baker is to have people to share my cake with and to see their faces light up at the first bite! 🙂

Thank you my friends 🙂 It’s been my pleasure baking for your smiles!

2014 bday